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FREE   1. IRS Company Registration (Tax ID #/EIN #) (Worth $100)     FREE    2. Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS) # (Worth $229)       FREE      3. 1st Annual Report - Secretary of State Officer/Address Update (Worth $150)       FREE     4. 411 Directory Listing (Worth $100)     FREE     5. Yellow Pages Listing (Worth $100)     FREE     6. Super Pages Listing (Worth $100)      FREE    7. Bing Search Engine Listing (Worth $100)     FREE     8. Google Search Engine Listing (Worth $100)     FREE     9. Business Listing (Worth $100)     FREE     10. Yahoo Search Engine Listing (Worth $100)    FREE    

Featured Services

Here are the primary services we offer. Choose one of the programs below that best fits your needs.
Or give us a call to discuss what your options are and which program might help you the best.

Consult with an Expert, Get a Customized Plan, Obtain Funding

Personal Funding

You can obtain funding through our many lending sources once you work with their funding conditions - which we will help you do. Minimum FICO scores are required along with a minimum of open tradelines. We'll work to get your DTI (Debt to Income) ratio where it needs to be. We will do everything we can to get you funded in as little as 30 days or less, depending on the amount required and your individual circumstances. We have workable solutions for almost every situation.

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Corporate/Business Funding

Many small business owners use personal credit to run their business. However, doing so could put you at risk if your business is ever in trouble. Many creditors today are moving away from relying on personal credit alone when judging a business's financial health. Corporate/Business Funding can be a confusing process. Hopefully we can work with you to discover some options that make sense for your business and enable you to get the funding you need.

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Corporation Setup Package

This package is essential in establishing and maintaining business or banking relationships. If you need a corporation to get funding, we can help you with everything from start up to funding in 45-60 days. Our setup package includes - 411 listing, tradelines, DnB, articles, name change and more. Once your corporation is setup, we can help you obtain Lines of Credit starting from $200,000 up to several millions on your first run.

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How We're Different

We aren't just a corporation provider company. We not only provide you with a seasoned shelf corporation, we make sure you are set up with the ability to get large amounts of funding in a much shorter time period.

Using our trade secrets we will help you setup your corporation to enable you to quickly show lenders the strength and borrowing power of your company.

Once you start to obtain funding we will help you use the money to grow your business into a multi-million dollar company by making the right investments and leveraging the available funds to work toward both short and long term growth.

We'll then show you how to take advantage of three possible Exit Strategies - sell your corporation for a huge profit, turn your corporation into a "BIG" corporation or use Private Placement to enable you to sell a portion of your corporation and retain the profits while having others handle the daily job of running your corporation for you.

Your Own Dedicated Account Representative.

We Help You Complete The Steps. We're With You From Start To Finish.

We Help You Structure Your Business Correctly.

We Perform a Complete Business Credit Check With The Major Credit Bureaus Used In Business Credit.

We Will Open Your Business Credit Profiles With The Credit Bureaus.

We Will Help You Obtain Business Credit Accounts.

Too Many Inquiries Keeping Your FICO Score Low - Not Allowing You To Get Approved For Funding?

Inquiry Assassins

Fast Inquiry Removal

Inquiries Removed in 10 Business Days Guaranteed

     Up to 40 Inquiries - Only $750

     Bulk Package - Call For Quote

We Now Have Access
To Grant Money


Use The Grant Money We Obtain For You To Pay Off The Funding You Obtain Through Us
Use It To Start A Business Or Grow Your Exisiting Business
We Have A 96% Approval Success Rate

YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY BACK GRANT MONEY: There is billions of dollars of grant money, just waiting for Americans to use.

Use Grant Money for a worthy cause and help others.

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Credit-Ready Corps. Ready for Funding

Shelf Corps

We Will Build Your Corporation Into A Multi-Million Dollar Company In 90-120 Days, Not 2-3+ Years.

Visit Our Memberships Page For More Information Regarding Our Shelf Corp Membership Programs

Use our Membership Programs to generate down payment funds to purchase
multiple investment properties or your own primary residence.

Let us show you how you can get a ROI of 200-550% with just a $5,000 initial investment.
We can also create a higher return with just a $188 initial investment. Contact us now. 949-409-8171



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100% Privacy Guaranteed

$0 Money Down Aged Corp Program

NO DOWN Aged/Shelf Corp program. Get a shelf/aged corp with NO MONEY DOWN. Get funding from $50,000-250,000 or more in as little as 2 weeks. NO other company offers this program. NO ONE! No risk and no money out of pocket for you.

Even if you have bad credit. We can repair your credit with NO OR LITTLE UPFRONT COST and provide you with a shelf corp and funding up to $250,000. Get started for as little as $149. Credit repair process can be completed in as little as 2-6 weeks. Depending on severity of credit.

One of a Kind Corporate and Personal Funding Programs

No Money Down - No PG Required Corporate Vehicle Leasing Program

Lease A Vehicle With A Value Up To $150,000
Great Program For Transportation Companies
Choose The Vehicle Or Equipment You Want

Get Our No Money Down - No PG
Required Corporate Vehicle Leasing

Get a 3-5 Year Term Loan With Funding Up To $300,000

A 3+ Year Old Shelf Corp
Required Business Tradelines
Corporate Built Out Aged Domain Website

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Equifax and Experian Business Tradelines

Get The Business Tradelines You Need To Obtain Funding Quickly. Get Funding Up To $300,000 In 45-60 Days. Find Out How - Call Us Today

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Loans available up to $1 million for new or existing businesses.
Approvals in 24-48 hours and funding in 5 business days.

Have bad personal credit?

Qualify with our EIN Only Program (no SSN, No Personal Guarantee) for your corporation or LLC.
Loans from $50,000-250,000+

Build Your Business Credit Profile And Get Funding Up To $250,000
With No Personal Guarantee - For Less Than The Price Of A Shelf Corp

This program includes:

  • Help with Setting up and Activating Your Business Credit Profile

  • Underwriting Guidelines Supplied with All Business Credit Sources to Insure Your Approval

  • Business Credit Monitoring at a Greatly Reduced Price

  • The Largest Supply of Business Credit Sources Anywhere

  • Over 25 Vendors who Approve Brand New Startup Businesses
  • Free Duns Number Through Dun & Bradstreet

  • Help Building Your 80 Paydex Score in as Little as 45-60 Days

  • Your Phone Number Submitted To 411

  • 20 Point Corporate Compliance Review to Insure Your Business Exceeds all Lender Credibility Standards

  • One-Click Application Access to Easily Apply and Get Approved for New Credit Without a Personal Guarantee

  • Access to our Certified Concierge Business Credit Coaches who Help You Get Approved

credit repair,business loan            credit repair,business loan

Additional Funding Programs

No Upfront Fees On Any Of Our Funding Programs

Shelf Corp and Finance Suite Package

Get Approved For Funding UP TO $350,000!
Get Funded Faster - With Higher Limits And
Low Interest Rates
Get Your 80 Paydex Score in as Little as 45-60 Days.

Get More Info On Our Shelf Corp
and Finance Suite Package

No Paydex Score Required

Get Up To $250,000 in
30-45 days.
Even if You Don't Currently Have a Paydex Score
New or Exisitng Corporation
Find Out How - Call Us Today

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Fast UnSecured Financing

Approvals in 2 Days
Fundings in 7 Days
No Interest For 9-18 Months
Stated Income - No Tax Returns
Find Out How - Call Us Today.

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Purchase ANY of our services with NO money out of pocket and tradelines

By Using Our Financing Program To Finance Your Purchase. Find out


business credit

How's your business credit? Are you aware that business credit is available to start and grow your business?
Are you using your personal credit cards and lines of credit to finance your business?
Do you know how many accounts are reporting on your business credit profile or what your business credit scores are?
Do you know the first 3 things you should do to start building business credit without a personal credit check or guarantee?

Click the "Book Now" button below to set up your appointment
for a Free 30 Minute Business Credit Consultation now.

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Some Facts About Us

The Majority Of Your Corporation Is Complete In The
First 24 Hours

The balance will be completed in 72 hours.

Enjoy Our Free Credit Ready Features

You can also choose from a list of Optional Features as well.

We Offer A Business Credit Building Program

Plus a Personal Credit Restoration Service.

Questions & Answers

Lenders want to see 2+ years in business before they will even consider your application for financing. You can wait 2 Years (Boring!) or buy a Credit-Ready Aged Corporation and go for Financing RIGHT NOW.
Protecting your assets is easy when they can't be found on an Asset Search, and that's exactly what you achieve when you purchase a Credit-Ready Aged Corp with Nominee Service and Online Banking. Your name is not on Public Records and you are invisible, yet you can move money freely via Online Banking and own and manage assets with complete privacy. Forget offshore banking - privacy is available right here in the Good Old US of A.
Prospective clients, partners, and suppliers want to see your company has been around for a few years before they will feel comfortable doing business with you. How much business are you missing out on right now because others see you as a Newbie? You can wait a few Years (Why!) or buy one of our Credit-Ready Aged Corporations and get INSTANT Credibility and Time-In-Business. Get on the Fast-Track - It's Cheaper than you think.
You will need 2+ Years in Business before they will even consider your Bid. You can wait 2 Years (Why Wait?) or buy a Credit-Ready Aged Corporation and win that Contract NOW! We even have a Special Credit Program available for only $795 Flat Fee that will achieve an 80 Paydex Score and get you approved for unsecured working capital. Get on the Fast-Track - It's cheaper than you think.
This is almost always a scam and should always be avoided. There are companies out there that will offer you aged shelf corporations with a credit line already established. The pitch is that they will transfer a company to your name with a $500k line of credit for an upfront fee of $20k. The numbers will change but the outcome is always the same, you will be stuck with a corporation with no credit attached to it and you will be out the money you invested. Banks will only extend credit to any business after closely examining the risk of the company and its officers, so just like you can't "assume" your neighbors mortgage since you are not the one the bank approved for the mortgage, you can also not "assume" corporate credit.

Why Buy Shelf Corps.

Obtain funding to help purchase real estate by separating your corporate/business credit from your personal credit.
Instantly obtain the necessary "Time in Business" and credibility required to be approved for corporate credit and financing UP TO $350,000!

Create a solid corporate credit profile as an alternative to personal credit repair.
Protect assets from creditors and facilitate estate planning.
Expand your international business into the United States instantly and without the typical red tape.

Once you purchase an Aged Corporation, you go on to one of our funding programs and obtain funding UP TO $350,000 or more!

Want to discuss your options?

Click Contact Us below and send us information on your situation and we'll respond ASAP.

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