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The founders of the grant money program have been in combined business since 1976. Their passion is helping others who can, in turn, help others. It's a wonderful domino effect. They also know how tough it is to launch a new business and how difficult it is to raise money for worthy causes.

In the 40 years of combined business, the founders of the grant money program have found a strong networking of influential people that trust them and know they work with dignity and do what they say they will do. The founders have NEVER had a complaint or law suit in 40 years. That's an incredible record.

Their catalog of different grants and knowledge how to get those grants done is amazing. You are in good hands with the folks at the grant money program. They truly care about your business plans and how you can succeed.

There are as many grants as there are stars in the sky. There are trillions of dollars in grants that are not even touched. You can get money for your business or nonprofit organization. We'll even help you set up your business or nonprofit.

There are trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of grants for you to tap into. It's up to us to find the right one for you in your area and for your purpose. Grants come and go with deadlines too. So it is very hard to pinpoint the specific grant until you tell us what your specific purpose and business plan. We need to talk or you can fil out the following form to see what will work for you.

We are seeing a surge of great business people wanting to find homes and apartments, rehab and help Veterans get great housing. We are excited about this all over the Naton. There are is a grant for just about anything.

There are:

We help the small business man up to large companies worth millions. It is only fair to hear your personal story, FIRST, before we can see if we can help you.

We will investigate FIRST, before we proceed together, to make sure you have a grant that will possibly work for you.

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