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Here are the primary membership programs we offer.

Use these programs to generate down payment funds to purchase your own primary
residence or investment property and hold the assets in a corporation.
We can get you up to $1 million in financing to use as down payment funds to purchase investment real estate.

Corporate/Business credit does not effect your personal credit whatsoever.
Corporations have greater credit capacity than personal.
As a creditworthy business, you have 10 to 100 times the credit capacity compared to personal credit.

If you don't see a program that fits your needs give us a call and we can review your situation and tailor a program for you.
Also, check out our Shelf Corp Free Credit Ready Features page to see if what you're looking for is included or is an Optional Feature.

Silver (basic)

May Be Able To Use An Existing Corporation
We Will Analyze An Existing Corporation For Funding Possibilities
Corporation Should Be Available For Easy Funding
We Submit Applications for You
We Follow-Up On The Progress Of Funding
For The Beginner Or Individual Looking For A Quick Start
Partial Use Of Funds Obtained Will Be Put Back Into Business
Purchase Two More Setups To Rotate And Raise Funding To Higher Limits

Gold (business)

Consist Of Two or Three Aged Corporations (depends on your needs and goals)
Business amenities
Available Funding
Personal and Business Assessment Report
The Quickest Way To The Most Funding
Develop A Wider Range Of Borrowing Capacity
Increase Relationships With Multiple Vendors
Obtain Discounts On Products By Buying Bulk

Platinum (corporate)

Includes Gold Program
Based On Seasoning & Assets (Financial Stability)
Multiple Exit Strategies Available
Available Private Placement
Possibility Of Selling Corporation
Can Convert to "Big" Corporation
Pays Off Silver and Gold Debt
Suitable For Real Estate Investing
Retain Up To 90% Of Ownership In Corporation
Holding Company

Our Shelf Corp Membership Programs consist of three different memberships - Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each level combines the features and benifits of the previous level and
increases the funding amount available by the amount of shelf corps in the membership. Each shelf corp along with the owners personal credit profile being strong enough
should be able to obtain a minimum of $100,000 in funding.

Our membership program can start with the adding of tradelines to boost your credit score and then "stairstep" you into a shelf corp and funding after your credit profile is strengthened by
the adding of tradelines. We use proceeds from the first round of funding to build out the clients personal credit profile and shelf corp. We can add tradelines either by using
authorized users or organically by applying for and obtaining tradelines. The whole idea of these memberships is to take approximately 6 months to go from
someone who has a low FICO score to someone who has a 700+ FICO score with multiple shelf corps and up to $100,000 or more in funding from each corp.

If you already have a 700+ FICO you can obtain a shelf corp and go straight to funding. This shortens the timeline from approximately 6 months to approximately 2-3 months.

Call For Pricing   949-326-7977

Corporation prices are based on corporation age and location. Therefore the older the shelf corp the higher the price.
If you know the amount of funding you need that will determine your pricing.

Let us show you how you can get a ROI of 200-550% with just a $5,000 initial investment. In as little as 6 months
We can also create a higher ROI with just a $188 initial investment. Contact us now. 949-326-7977

Frequently Asked Questions on Our Membership Programs

If you’ve a question, we’re at your disposal. Below is a selection of our most frequently asked questions.
If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for visit our Contact Us page and give us a call or e mail your question over. We are very easy to talk to!

Step 1

Applications are taken for stated income, unsecured revolving lines of credit that can be used for any purpose the investor deems necessary, including marketing/advertising, operations, staffing/payroll, acquisition, construction, or any other reason.

Step 2

Acquisition of the PAYDEX score. With our guidance, a client's business can earn a perfect business credit rating (80 PAYDEX or better) in just a few months. Once this has been achieved, your business will start to receive pre-approved offers from business credit providers and vendors. With strong financial statements, your real estate company will have the best chances of obtaining large amounts of future working capital.

Step 3

It's all about using your credit lines in the best ways possible. Banks prefer to lend to businesses that they have had strong working relationships with, and you will be advised on how to liquidate and use your credit lines to maximize your future credit availability while still paying the least amount of interest.

Yes, our funding company has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fortune, Forbes, FastCompany, Inc Magazine, USA Today, New York Times, and Inventor’s Digest.

Yes. You can use a Sole Proprietorship, LLC, S Corp, or C Corp. However, banks prefer to lend to individuals that have formed LLCs or Corporations. Forming a business entity shows the banks that you are serious about your new venture and that you are willing to take the correct steps to legally protect it. Don't have an entity yet? That's not a problem. We can help get your business started correctly no matter what state you are in.

This program is the result of vast amounts of research amongst banks and credit bureaus, extensive legal consultation, and years of trial and error. This level of understanding comes from the ability to compare and contrast thousands of applications and the resulting credit granted. It may seem like it's too good to be true, but in fact the results of our program aren't magic, they are simply the function of experience, technical knowledge, and a lot of hard work.

There is no risk to you or your company other than the owner (personal guarantor) will receive inquiries on their personal credit report and those can have a minimal negative impact on the personal credit score up to 6 months.

We're also experienced real estate brokers and have used this process for years to help multiple clients. This would verify that our program is, indeed, not too good to be true! We work with major banks and offer multiple guarantees. There's really not much more to say than that!

The short answer is that funding approval amounts vary per client, based primarily on personal and business credit ratings. However, our typical client receives between $50,000 and $250,000. And, through various advanced strategies, it's possible to get even more. The best part is that at least $50,000 is guaranteed.

Most clients begin getting approvals within a few days, can access the credit within 1-2 weeks, and can convert them to cash within 3-4 weeks. But, like everything else, results may vary from one client to another, so please be flexible.

Interest rates are variable, depending on various factors like market conditions and individual borrower's credit, but in regards to funding for real estate projects and expenses, the overall cost is significantly less than hard money loans, and more in line with private investor funding.

Much like a Home Equity Line Of Credit or consumer and corporate credit cards, these accounts are revolving, with no set pay back time frame. Of course, the sooner you pay them off, the less interest you will pay.

You still have multiple options. First and foremost, you are able to have a credit partner (co-signer) personally guarantee lines of credit, if they are willing to get pre-approved and complete the application process. Additionally, we can connect you with a preferred credit restoration agency to help remedy your negative credit issues.

Yes. Once you’re approval amounts have been determined, and the funding process has begun, we can issue a proof of funds letter upon request.

There are several ways to get cash from the credit lines. However, we've found the most effective and efficient method of liquidation is to enroll with us as a consulting client, which will give you access to step-by-step instructions on what to do, and what to avoid, in order to access cash for the least possible cost.

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