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Here are the primary membership programs we offer.

If you don't see a program that fits your needs give us a call and we can review your situation and tailor a program for you.
Also, check out our Free Credit Ready Features page to see if what you're looking for is included in one of our packages or as an Optional Feature.

Silver (basic)

May Be Able To Use An Existing Corporation
We Will Analyze An Existing Corporation For Funding Possibilities
Corporation Should Be Available For Easy Funding
We Submit Applications for You
We Follow-Up On The Progress Of Funding
For The Beginner Or Individual Looking For A Quick Start
Partial Use Of Funds Obtained Will Be Put Back Into Business
Purchase Two More Setups To Rotate And Raise Funding To Higher Limits

Gold (business)

Consist Of Two or Three Aged Corporations (depends on your needs and goals)
Business amenities
Available Funding
Personal and Business Assessment Report
The Quickest Way To The Most Funding
Develop A Wider Range Of Borrowing Capacity
Increase Relationships With Multiple Vendors
Obtain Discounts On Products By Buying Bulk

Platinum (corporate)

Includes Gold Program
Based On Seasoning & Assets (Financial Stability)
Multiple Exit Strategies Available
Available Private Placement
Possibility Of Selling Corporation
Can Convert to "Big" Corporation
Pays Off Silver and Gold Debt
Suitable For Real Estate Investing
Retain Up To 90% Of Ownership In Corporation
Holding Company

Our Shelf Corp Membership Programs consist of three different memberships - Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each level combines the features and benifits of the previous level and
increases the funding amount available by the amount of shelf corps in the membership. Each shelf corp along with the owners personal credit profile being strong enough
should be able to obtain a minimum of $100,000 in funding.

Our membership program can start with as little as $188 for the client who needs credit repair and then "stairstep" them into a shelf corp and funding after their credit profile is strengthened by
credit repair and the adding of tradelines. We use proceeds from the first round of funding to build out the clients personal credit profile and shelf corp. We can add tradelines either by using
authorized users, primaries or organically by applying for and obtaining tradelines during the credit repair process. The whole idea of these memberships is to take approximately 6 months to go from
someone who has a low FICO score to someone who has a 700+ FICO score with multiple shelf corps and up to $100,000 or more in funding from each corp.

If you already have a 700+ FICO you can obtain a shelf corp and go straight to funding. This shortens the timeline from approximately 6 months to approximately 2-3 months.

Call For Pricing   949-326-7977

Corporation prices are based on corporation age and location. Therefore the older the shelf corp the higher the price.
If you know the amount of funding you need that will determine your pricing.

Let us show you how you can get a ROI of 200-550% with just a $5,000 initial investment. In as little as 6 months
We can also create a higher ROI with just a $188 initial investment. Contact us now. 949-326-7977

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