No Money Down - No PG Required
Corporate Vehicle or Equipment Leasing Program

Lease a vehicle with a value up to $150,000

PAYNET Business Leasing Credit can help your business achieve a business lease whether it be
Equipment Leasing or Leasing a Vehicle or Multiple Vehicles through your business.

  • $2,000      We will attach a $35k-$45k   No PG lease to PAYNET
  • $3,000      We will attach a $75k-$100k No PG lease to PAYNET
  • $4,000      We will attach a $150k           No PG lease to PAYNET
  • No PG Primary Leasing Credit With PayNet - Business Credit Leasing Done Right

    • Lease a vehicle or equipment of equal or lesser value than the Paynet lease you purchase

    • Requires an LLC or Corporation to qualify

    • Lease one or more vehicles using the same LLC or Corporation

    • Works great when you purchase one of our shelf corps and add a lease to it

    • Great program for transportation companies

    • Choose the vehicle or equipment you want

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