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What Is Private Placement

The sale of securities to a relatively small number of select investors as a way of raising capital. Investors involved in private placements are...


Who Rates My Corporate Credit?

There are quite a few Firms that track Corporate Credit and other “Business Health Indicators.” Although all of these Firms use a variety of...


Trade Lines Q & A

Does purchasing tradelines for sale increase your credit score?


Shelf or Aged Corporations

What is a shelf corporation, shelf company, or aged corporation?


What Do Business Tradelines Mean?

Business tradelines are lines of credit extended to businesses by their vendors, by which the business receives goods or services for which it agrees to...


What Are Trade Lines?

People are often confused about what tradelines are. The answer to “what are tradelines” is simply this…


Corporate Funding Q & A

Financing for your corporation comes in two flavors: debt or equity. The majority of businesses go the debt route, taking out a loan from...


Who Can Invest?

You generally must be an “accredited investor" to invest in a private placement. This means...


Shelf Company and Aged Corporation

Shelf corporations or off the shelf companies are a companies that have been formed on a prior date. Such a corporation is also called an...


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