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Aged Shelf Corps with DUN's Number and 80 Paydex Score (included with purchase of Finance Suite Package)

Multiple Funding Sources (Personal and Corporate) to Fit Your Needs and Individual Situation

Authorized User Tradelines at the Best Prices

Business Tradelines at the Best Prices

Business Credit Building Program

We Get You Funded by doing detailed research on available lenders based on your unique geographic location, and by referencing our own internal lender database and related client experiences. With our FULL SERVICE BUSINESS CREDIT BUILDING PROGRAM, we will help you complete the steps!


Our Business Credit Building Program comes with A 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Your Own Dedicated Account Representative

We assign you a dedicated account representative to manage your account week to week as you advance through our program. From registering your company with the top 3 credit bureaus used in business credit, to completing each credit application, your account representative will help you complete the steps.

We Work With You To
Complete The Steps

Our Step By Step Business Credit Building Process: We use a step by step process that helps us to structure your business correctly and build a solid credit portfolio under your company name. With our FULL-SERVICE PROGRAM, we work with you to complete the steps, allowing you the freedom to operate your company, while we build your business credit! We do this without using your personal credit or personal credit information. When you complete our program, we GUARANTEE, you will have an "A" credit rating built under your company name!

Step One: Structuring Your Business

We cannot build your business credit unless your business is incorporated or filed as an LLC. If you are already incorporated or filed as an LLC, great! If not, we will first need to incorporate your company. Whether you need to file as a C-corp, S-corp, LLC, or Non-Profit, we can file all the necessary paperwork and incorporate your company in the state of your choice. The average completion time for filings is 10-15 business days but varies from state to state. Incorporation equals strength and credibility in the eyes of the creditors! Incorporation filing fees are included in our credit building program fees.

Step Two: Business Credit Bureau Checks

Next, we will perform a complete business credit check with the major credit bureaus used in business credit. The top three business credit bureaus are Dun & Bradstreet, Business Experian and Business Equifax. This will give us your company's starting point in building your business credit. Newly formed corporations will have blank credit profiles. If you have been incorporated for some time, it will show us if there is any negative reporting under your company's name.

Step Three: Registering Your Company With The Credit Bureaus

After checking your business credit with the credit bureaus, we will then register your company with the top three business credit bureaus (Dun & Bradstreet, Business Experian and Business Equifax). We will open your business credit profiles with the credit bureaus so that creditors can report your timely payments. This will allow us to build your business credit and establish your business credit score.

Step Four: Obtaining Business Credit Accounts

We use a four tier process to build your business credit. With each line of credit we establish, you will need to make a minimum $50 purchase on that account so that a payment history can be established at the credit bureaus under your business name. You do not have to use each account each month, but you must use them at least one time to establish a payment history at the credit bureaus. It is helpful to use your accounts on a regular basis, keeping your purchases reasonably small. Creditors like to see that you are using and managing your existing credit well.

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Equifax Business Credit Reports

Keeping track of your own business credit activity and financial health is a good idea. It could mean the difference in being approved or declined for that loan you need to expand your business, or more favorable credit terms with a critical supplier.

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D&B Financial Stress Score

Dunn and Bradstreet is one of the easiest ways to open a business credit profile. This starts with obtaining a D-U-N-S number. We go through the entire process and provide all of the information you need to know throughout this part of the corporate credit building process.


An additional step in our services allows individuals or corporations the option to choose
from multiple ways to use the available funding we obtain for them. Choose one or more of the following:

Invest In Real Estate

Purchase single family homes, apartment buildings and commercial properties for investment or personal use.

Unsecured Real Estate Lines of Credit Sources

Unsecured Bank Lines of Credit (verifiable income) A bank line of credit is one of the most sought-after funding tools for real estate investors.

With this type of credit line, you can transfer funds online, access funds by phone, or write a check against the line amount. With that kind of flexibility, access to cash for down payments, closing costs and rehabs are available at the stroke of a pen.

It’s no wonder why this type of credit line is in such high demand. Imagine not having to worry about missing out on deals because you don’t have the cash.

Now most commercial banks, credit unions, community banks and online banks offer unsecured lines of credit for businesses. The challenge for you as a real estate investor is banks consider real estate a high-risk industry.

If your LLC or corporation is classified as a real estate investment company or operating in anything related to the real estate industry, your line of credit will need to besecured by equity from your home or investment property also known as a HELOC or equity line of credit.

So, if you want a bank line of credit for real estate investing without having to secure it with equity than you will need to pursue an individual bank line of credit as an alternative.

Unlike an equity line of credit, or HELOC, an individual bank line of credit requires no collateral and it’s based solely on your personal credit and verifiable income.

You may want to consider our bank lines of credit program to get established with several bank issued credit lines. If qualified, you’ll receive a line of credit (not credit cards) with 4-5 banks with each bank issuing a line of credit up to $50k. Minimum qualification is 675+ FICO® scores and verifiable personal income (rental income acceptable) of $30k+ annually.

Revolving Business Lines of Credit (Stated Income)Bundling business credit cards is a popular form of acquiring large sums of cash for real estate investing while building your company’s credit file. All the business credit cards you receive through our UBF program only report to the business credit reporting agencies not personal credit.

At the end of the program, which takes 20 days or less, you’ll have 4-5 bank issued business credit cards in your real estate company’s name. This will enable you to accomplish 4 very important things:

    Protect your personal credit
    Set up and build your business credit reports
    Establish 4-5 new banking relationships for your business
    Gain access to funding to do your real estate deals
This funding source is ideal if you have FICO® Scores in the 680+ range across all three bureaus and can’t prove income. With this stated income funding program, you can expect combined business credit card limits starting as low as $15k to as high as $150k.

Buy Gold and Silver

Purchase precious metals to insulate yourself from inflation and/or economic hardships.

Prepay Bills

Prepay both your personal and business expenses for 6-12 months.

Additional Services


Corporation Setup

Correct corporation setup is essential in establishing and maintaining business or banking relationships. If you need a corporation to get funding, we can help you with everything from beginning to funding in as little as 2-3 weeks. Our setup package include everything - 411 listing, tradelines, DnB, articles, name change and more. Once your corporation is setup, we can get you Lines of Credit loans starting from $50,000 up to several millions on your first run.

Shelf Corporations

Establish immediate corporate history with one of our Shelf Corporations! Corporate Business Strategies has a list of "pre-filed" shelf companies that you can acquire. All entities are in good standing through maintenance, reinstatement or the equivalent. Your company name can be changed for a small fee.

By owning a pre-established corporate entity, you are able to take advantage of the following benefits:

• Instant availability & fast delivery
• Show longevity of company filing
• Immediately own a company with a filing history
• Ready for immediate transfer as no stock are currently issued
• May help when applying for contracts and financing

Also included in the purchase of your corporation are these Free Credit-Ready Features.

Business Credit Evaluation

Enjoy the personal service of an assigned credit counselor. We will review your credit profile and provide you with an analysis of the best course of action to quickly and easily increase your credit score in order to obtain the desired results.

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