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Does purchasing tradelines for sale increase your credit score?

There is no one answer for every individual. However, so long as you meet a certain criteria, purchasing tradelines for sale can increase your credit score. For example, if you have many recent collections or charge-offs reporting, then the impact of adding tradelines will be drastically diminished. On the other hand, if you have a relatively thin and young credit file, adding tradelines can substantially increase your credit score.

How long do authorized user tradelines take to post?

How companies can claim to have lines report within a specific timeā€¦ on the basis of fact, that makes no sense. The truth is, each tradelines reports once per month. So, if you order a tradeline on the 1st and it reports on the 20th, that tradeline is going to post in 20 days. The only time takes longer to post is in the scenario that you order a tradeline too close to the report date and you have to wait until the next reporting cycle (1 months plus a few days, give or take). So, if you order a tradeline, it should be on your report within 30 days, tops. If the tradelines does not post within 30 days, then the company either dropped the ball or there is something wrong with your credit report (security freezes, fraud alerts, etc.).

How much can my score increase by adding tradelines?

How much your credit score will increase is impossible to answer without looking at your credit report. We can only give you a few examples.This is a tough question to answer on a general basis, because there are way too many factors to consider. However, we will first give you a range and an explanation why they range is so large. We’ve see situations where our clients have gone from the mid-500s, to over 800 with the addition of only 1 seasoned tradelines around $5,000.00 in limit and 8 years in age. On the other hands, we’ve seen clients only increase about 30 points with the addition of 3 very substantial trade lines (over $30,000.00 limits and over 10 years of age). This goes back to selecting the appropriate tradeline and the client allowing us to assist in the seasoned trade line selection. We’ve never see score decrease, but we have seen scores increase from a very little amount to a very large amount. It depends on what’s in your credit report, and the skill to select a seasoned tradeline to counter the deficiencies of your credit report.

How long does it take for scores to increase once you add seasoned tradelines?

If you have selected an appropriate seasoned trade line and if the company who promised the services of adding the seasoned tradelines actually delivers, the score increase is instantaneous. That is to say, as soon as the seasoned tradeline hits your report, your score should increase right away. The real question is, “how long does it take to get the seasoned tradeline onto my credit report?” This can take anywhere from 15 to 45 days, and it shouldn’t take longer than that. If the company, adding the lines, takes longer than 45 days, there are issues happening behind the scenes that have nothing to do with adding the lines. These mistakes or issue include mismanagement on the part of the company, or fraud alerts or security freezes in your credit report preventing the lines from posting, etc.

How much do seasoned tradelines cost?

Quite often, clients ask, “how much seasoned tradelines cost?” This may seem like a long winded answer, but you deserve thoroughness. Seasoned trade lines range in price considering age, limit and balance. So, the price is not relevant unless you know what tradeline you need. You don’t know what tradeline you need unless you determine the deficiencies of your credit report (high debt to credit ratio, limit revolving accounts, etc.). So, the real question is “what tradeline do I need and how much does it cost?” That question can only be answered after a full analysis of your credit report, which takes into consideration your credit goals. People often search for “cheap tradelines” or “inexpensive seasoned tradelines”, but cutting these corners, you will likely end up disappointed with the results. How much does it cost for a seasoned tradeline? The answer depends on what you need.

Is it possible to improve credit scores with seasoned tradelines?

Yes, it is possible to improve credit scores by adding seasoned tradelines. However, like many products, nothing is 100% guaranteed. If any person or company tells you a different story, that person or company is lying to you. For example, what if you have 20 revolving accounts and only 1 auto, 1 mortgage, 1 installment, etc, if you add another seasoned trade line (or revolving account) is not going to do much for your score. Another example, what if you have 10 collections and 5 charge offs? Well, adding tradelines is likely to raise your score, but you’d be lucky to receive a 5 point boost in this case. It’s important to take all the factors into consideration prior to buying tradelines. They are a power tool to raise your credit score, but they must be used properly.

What is the history or origins of seasoned tradelines?

Seasoned tradelines have been used for nearly 40 years by mortgage brokers and lenders. A seasoned tradeline or adding seasoned trade lines to your credit report to boost up your score became a popular way to boost credit scores because of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act 1974, which allowed the process to attach credit accounts, legally, to someone else.

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